How to Install XAPK on Easy Android Smartphone

How to Install XAPK on Easy Android Smartphone. Android smartphone can work very sophisticated, it is because of the variety of applications. The most popular app format is APK. Which is rare, among them is XAPK.

Well, you already know what XAPK is yet?

For those of you who do not know what is XAPK and how to install it, I will cover in this article. Let's see how to install XAPK on an Android smartphone!

What is XAPK?

Before going to step how to install it, I want to tell you first what is XAPK. XAPK is a new format for Android apps, where this format is a combination of APK and OBB. So obviously a friend, the purpose of this new format is to make it more practical.

APK alone, of course, you would already know, namely the Android application format. Then OBB is the data to add large apk supporters, such as videos or textures that cannot be entered in the APK. Well, obviously is not it? If it is clear, now how easy install..

Step How to Install XAPK

Step - 1

First of all download and install the first android app called "XAPK Installer"

Step - 2

Go to "File Manager", then locate the file "XAPK" you want to install (usually in the "Download" folder). Click, as usual, it will pop up, click "Install".

Step - 3

Wait for the "installing OBB Files" process to complete. If so, do APK installation as usual in general. Completed, that's how to install an easy XAPK on your android smartphone.
Problems Can not Install XAPK

Like installing an APK in general, installing XAPK is not detached from the name of the problem. Well for those who have problems when installing XAPK, do not worry because Jaka will try to provide the solution for you. Here's the solution ...

1. Insufficient Storage Warning
An application with XAPK format, generally has a large size, some even up to 5GB. For that, you need the remaining space deviation (internal storage) is large.

If the remaining storage space is not enough, it will display an "Insufficient Storage" warning. Where the solution to solve it, is to delete some data that you have not used.

That's how to install XAPK that is easy on an Android smartphone. Generally, apps with XAPK format are used for games. So for you who are android gamers, hopefully, the article is useful for you!.

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How to Install XAPK on Easy Android Smartphone